Thomas Stutchbury

(born 13 Sep 1911 died Dec 1995 Honiton)

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Maternal grandmother: Keturah Sandell (born 4 Feb 1851 City of Oxford died 19 Feb 1930 Leyton)   View NotesHide notes  

Keturah “was an energetic, determined woman of incisive personality. After her husband’s death she remained at 8, Tudor Road for two years until Donald was married, but in 1923 moved to 17, Sandringham Road, Leyton, immediately opposite Kate and Tom. I stayed with her there for some time in 1926 while my mother was in hospital. She later paid for my music lessons at the Metropolitan Academy of Music in Leytonstone.

She continued right up to 1928 to spend most of the summer at Beach Crest, as she and her husband had done. During 1929 she was too ill to travel and Beach Crest was hardly used by anybody that year. She usually had a maid at Beach Crest. A notable one during the 20s was Hilda Spicer, who also came back with her to Leyton. The Spicers were a big family of fisher folk who lived at 11, Golden Street, Deal. Hilda's elder sister Irma Spicer was at one time a particular friend of Edward Thomas Middlemiss.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

On her death she was living at 17 Sandringham Road and left £1838 7s to Donald Boyd Bearman according to probate records.

married 4 Jun 1873 Bethnal Green

Maternal grandfather: Thomas Bearman (born 11 Aug 1846 Hackney, Middlesex died 16 Dec 1921) (born Hackney, Middlesex )   View NotesHide notes  

Thomas “was brought up as heir to his father’s business and took it over when he was only 22. His father had taken a lot of care over his education and used to take him travelling, including a tour of Ireland during which he actually kissed the Blarney Stone. Under Thomas Bearman III the shop prospered as a high class bakery and confectionary. Hackney had many wealthy inhabitants at that time and Bearmans catered for what was called "the carriage trade". It was also his practice to serve lunch daily to a select group of customers in the back room of the shop. Some blue-rimmed Wedgwood soup plates from this room have been passed down in both my family and Kate’s family.

“He married Keturah Sandell on 3rd June 1873 and for the first five years of their married life they lived in rooms at Fremont Street, Hackney. By 1878 he was able to buy a fine big house, Melbourne House, 8, Tudor Road, Hackney. His mother continued to live over the shop until her death in 1888. By about 1894 he was able to sell the shop and retire and during the next few years came to acquire property all over London, as well as "Beach Crest" (bought in 1897) and "The Moorings" both at Deal and a house in Sandwich Market Place. A photograph of Beach Crest, as it is now, is at the top of the Contents page of this website.

“He was a noted numismatist, specialising in mediaeval English and Scottish coins. Bernard Roth's book "Ancient Gaulish Coins" was dedicated to him. When he died, his collection was sold for £600, a considerable sum in those days. His whole estate was left to a family trust, the Bearman Trust. The original trustees were his sons-in-law, Tom Stutchbury, Charlie Carrington and Edward Middlemiss, with Tom as Secretary. On Tom's death in 1941 his son Tom became Secretary. Among many other things, the Trust administered Beach Crest as a holiday home for the family until 1975, when they sold it to Frank and Florence Middlemiss. Also in 1975 Donald Bearman, the last Tenant for Life of the Trust, died and the Trust was then broken up and the assets distributed among the family.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Probate records show Thomas left £16,079 14s 1d.


Paternal grandmother: Elizabeth Wood (born 1852 Hackney, London )  

Paternal grandfather: Thomas Stutchbury (born 1852 London )  


Mother: Kate Bearman (born 3 Aug 1876 Hackney, Middlesex died 1 Apr 1958)   View NotesHide notes  

Kate “was in many ways a daintier version of her mother, from whom she inherited her flaming red hair. As a child she hated her red hair because the rude urchins used to shout "carrots" after her, but her husband later particularly admired it. Kate was educated at Lady Eleanor Holles' School, which was at that time situated in Mare Street, Hackney. She loved music and played both piano and violin. Her husband Tom bought her a piano when they married (8th October 1904) and this same piano was still very much in use by Kate's Merkin great-grandchildren ninety-four years later. She also loved animals, especially cats, of which she nearly always had one. In 1934 the family got a Chow dog called Ruff, which can be seen in many photos taken in the 1930s. Ruff was a splendid big dog, very strong; unfortunately he pulled Kate over, causing her to break her hip in 1938.

Like her mother, Kate was a woman of strong opinions and precise and proper ways. She lived all her life after her marriage at 16, Sandringham Road, Leyton even though this involved sleeping in the coal cellar during the Blitz of the 2nd World War. Before her marriage she had been a rather reserved person; afterwards, when she was stuck out at Leyton with nobody to talk to, her sisters were astonished at her flood of conversation when she visited the family home in Hackney. However, in 1911 her sister Hilda also moved to Leyton.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Father Thomas Stutchbury (born 1876 London Haggerston died 30 Mar 1941 Leyton, Essex)   View NotesHide notes  

Thomas “worked all his life for the Civil Service in the Post Office Secretarial Department. He was a Fabian socialist, a supporter of the Labour Party, and a keen chess player. He also took an active interest in the League of Nations Union and spent much time in literary pursuits. He regularly played chess in Essex teams and was secretary of the Leyton Chess Club. When Donald Bearman was in prison during the 1st World War Tom wrote out books for him in longhand and sent them to him as letters, since Don was not allowed access to books. He suffered a stroke in late March 1941 and died within a few days.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Thomas of 16 Sandringham Road, probate Llandudno 28 June to Kate Stutchbury widow and Thomas Stutchbury analytical chemist. Effects £1773 19s 6d.

Wife: Eileen Smith (born 1911 )  

Daughter: Barbara Stutchbury (born 9.2.1954 ) 3 children   View NotesHide notes  

Barbara “took a degree in Microbiology at Reading University. She married Robert Merkin in spite of opposition from his parents, who were Jews and objected to his marrying a non-Jew. Robert was at one time on the staff of the Law Department at Queen Mary College, London. Eventually he became Professor of Law at Exeter University and they bought a big house at Aylesbeare but later moved to Sidmouth. He later worked part-time at Cardiff University and spent most of his time writing books on Insurance Law at home. Our solicitor in Leytonstone said he was familiar with Robert's books. Their children Eleanor, Lucy and Sophie became friends of the Ridgway children.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Husband: Robert Merkin (born 1953 )  

Daughter: Eleanor Merkin (born 1982 )  

Daughter: Lucy Claire Merkin (born 2.1985 Lancaster )  

Daughter: Sophie Rose Merkin (born 5.1989 Chelmsford )  

Thomas Stutchbury Notes:

Thomas Stutchbury Jnr. “was known as Stutch until the death of his father. He was educated at Mrs. Press's Oxford House School in Leytonstone and then at Bancroft's School, Woodford Wells. He gained the B.Sc. in Chemistry of London University at Sir John Cass College, London. He was the first person in the direct line of descent of the family to take a university degree. He spent his life as a professional chemist, first working for Siemen (electrical) but later became Chief Chemist at the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene in London. Actually he used to say to us that he would rather have been an accountant- he was very good at figures and used to try to coach me in mathematics when I was a boy (without much success I am afraid).

He was also very good at electrical and radio matters. He collected stamps and in later years also had a large collection of cacti and became quite an expert on them. He was also very interested in photography and was rarely without his bag containing camera and lenses. Before colour photography became widespread he would develop and enlarge his black and white photos in the cellar at Sandringham Road. For many years until 1975 he was Secretary of the Bearman Trust.

In the summer of 1947 my future wife Florence Fozzard stayed with us at "Beach Crest" for the first time. Tom and his mother were also there and his mother, referring to Florence, remarked

"I wish Tom could find a nice girl like that!".

Thus inspired he went out as soon as they were home and found Eileen Smith. They were both keen tennis players and they met at the Tennis Club. They were married that same autumn. Tom lived at 16, Sandringham Road, Leyton, all his life until he and Eileen moved to Sidmouth in 1993 to be near their daughter. The family had lived in that house for nearly ninety years; it was newly built when Tom and Kate bought it in 1904. Eileen died on the 29th February 2008, at the great age of 96.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Thomas Bearman
electoral register 1898
Letter by Donald Boyd Bearman to his father, page 1
Letter by Donald Boyd Bearman to his father, page 2
Letter by Donald Boyd Bearman to his father, page 3
Thomas Bearman
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Thomas Bearman
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Keturah Bearman
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Thomas Bearman
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Stewart Headlam
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Cartoon of
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Beachcrest with
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Deal in 2010. Bought by Thomas Bearman in 1897 foll...
1st left, Keturah 3rd from left and Elsie far r...
(as an adult she rarely looks directly at the came...
4 people on
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1846-1921, Husband of Keturah SANDELL
BEARMAN, 28th February 1917
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Brother Tom
Bearman - which begs the question who thought of hi...
Thomas, Keturah
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Thomas and
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BEARMAN’s calling card
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BEARMAN’s shop, 101 Mare Street, Hackney, where Thomas...
8 Tudor Road,
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on steps of 8 Tudor Road
cat at 8 Tudor Road. This is the cat in the wed...

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records (16):

1851 1, Essex Place, Mare Street, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
Bearman Thomas Head Married M 38 1813 Baker Essex, Chelmsford 21
Bearman Catherine Wife Married F 36 1815 Middlesex, Kentish Town 17
Bearman Thomas Son M 4 1847 Middlesex, Hackney 18
Boyd Jane Sister in law F 23 1828 Shop woman Middlesex, Homerton 22
Lay William Servt S M 21 1830 Baker Berkshire, Newbury

1851 Brewers Street, St Aldate, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Davis Isaac Visitor Unmarried M 21 1830 Labourer Bampton, Oxfordshire 530
Sandell Joseph Head Married M 39 1812 School Master Oxford St Michael, Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Leah Wife Married F 26 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell Elizabeth Daughter F 3 1848 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 133
Sandell Hadassah Daughter F 1 1850 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 135
Sandell Keturah Daughter F 0 1851 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 29
Davis Hephzibah Visitor Unmarried F 20 1831 Barmaid Bampton, Oxfordshire 515
Sandell Phillis Mother Widow F 67 1784 Fund Holder Bletchington, Oxfordshire 140
Prior Alice Servant Unmarried F 14 1837 House Servant East Hannay, Berkshire
Noys Lois Visitor F 8 1843 Oxford St Martin, Oxfordshire 668

1861 12, Mare Street Essex Place, South Hackney, London, Middlesex
Bearman Thos Head Married M 48 1813 Bread and Biscuit Baker master employs 2 men 2 boys Essex, Chelmsford 21
Bearman Catherine Wife Married M 46 1815 Middlesex, Kentish Town 17
Bearman Thos Son M 14 1847 Middlesex, Hackney 18
Boyd Joseph Brother in law Unmarried M 37 1824 Baker Middlesex, Homerton 19
Bowe Mary Servant Unmarried F 22 1839 House Servant Middlesex, London 20

1861 18, Bridgewater Place, St Botolph, London, London, Middlesex
Stutchbury Thomas Head Married M 34 1827 Tailor Whitechapel, Middlesex 565
Stutchbury Emma Wife Married F 28 1833 Shoreditch, Middlesex 564
Stutchbury Thomas Son Unmarried M 9 1852 Scholar London, Middlesex 558
Stutchbury Emma Daughter Unmarried F 7 1854 Scholar Shoreditch, Middlesex 566
Stutchbury James Son Unmarried M 6 1855 Scholar London, Middlesex 567
Stutchbury Henry Son Unmarried M 4 1857 Scholar Shoreditch, Middlesex 568
Stutchbury John Son Unmarried M 0 1861 London, Middlesex 569

1861 Hockmore Street, Cowley, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sandell Joseph Head Married M 49 1812 English Teacher St Michael, Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Leah Wife Married F 36 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried F 13 1848 Scholar Oxford 133
Sandell Hadajsah Daughter Unmarried F 11 1850 Scholar Oxford 135
Sandell Keturah Daughter Unmarried F 10 1851 Scholar Oxford 29
Sandell Charles J Son Unmarried M 8 1853 Scholar Oxford 136
Sandell Rhoda Daughter Unmarried F 6 1855 Scholar Oxford 137
Sandell John E Son Unmarried M 3 1858 Scholar Oxford 138
Sandell James E Son Unmarried M 1 1860 Scholar Oxford 139
Harman Frederick Visitor Unmarried M 16 1845 Witney 2304

1871 101 Mare St, Hackney, London, Middlesex
Bearman Catherine Head Widow F 56 1815 Confectioner Middlesex, Kentish Town 17
Bearman Thomas Son Unmarried M 24 1847 Confectioner Middlesex, Hackney 18
Boyd Joseph Brother Unmarried M 46 1825 Baker Middlesex, Homerton 19
Boyd Mary Sister F 30 1841 Middlesex, Russell Square 20

1871 John St, St Leonard Shoreditch, London, Middlesex
Stutchbury Emma Head F 38 1833 Middlesex 564
Stutchbury Thomas Son M 19 1852 Middlesex 558
Stutchbury Emma Daughter F 17 1854 Middlesex 566
Stutchbury James Son M 16 1855 Middlesex 567
Stutchbury Henry Son M 14 1857 Middlesex 568
Stutchbury John Son M 10 1861 Middlesex 569
Stutchbury William Son M 7 1864 Middlesex 570
Stutchbury Elizabeth Daughter F 5 1866 Middlesex 571

1881 2, (Even Numbers), Hasset Road, Hackney, Middlesex
Stritchbury Thos Head Married M 29 1852 Coach Builder London Aldersgate, London, Midd 558
Stritchbury Elizabeth Wife Married F 29 1852 So Hackney, Middlesex 557
Stritchbury Thomas Son Single M 5 1876 Shoreditch, Middlesex 355
Stritchbury Ada E Daughter Single F 3 1878 Shoreditch, Middlesex 559
Stritchbury Emma Daughter Single F 1 1880 Shoreditch, Middlesex 563

1881 8, Tudor Rd, Hackney, Middlesex
Bearman Thomas Head Married M 34 1847 Pastry Cook & Confectioner Hackney, Middlesex 18
Bearman Keturah Wife Married F 30 1851 Oxford, Oxfordshire 29
Bearman Kate Daughter Single F 4 1877 Hackney, Middlesex 129
Bearman Edith Daughter Single F 2 1879 Hackney, Middlesex 33
Bearman Hilda Daughter Single F 0 1881 Hackney, Middlesex 130
Sandell Kerzia Sister In Law Single F 19 1862 Oxford, Oxfordshire 131
Hawkins Louisa Servant Single F 15 1866 Dom Serv Hackney, Middlesex

1891 8, Broke Road, Shoreditch, London, London
Stuchbury Thomas Head Married M 39 1852 Coach Body Maker London 558
Stuchbury Elizabeth Wife Married F 39 1852 South Hackney, London 557
Stuchbury Thomas Son M 15 1876 Office Boy Haggerston, London 355
Stuchbury Ada E Daughter F 13 1878 Scholar Haggerston, London 559
Stuchbury Samuel Son M 9 1882 Scholar Homerton, London 560
Stuchbury Annie Daughter F 6 1885 Scholar Haggerston, London 561
Stuchbury Clara Daughter F 3 1888 Haggerston, London 562

1891 8, Tudor Road, Hackney, London
Bearman Thomas Head Married M 44 1847 Pastry Cook Hackney, London 18
Bearman Keturah Wife Married F 40 1851 Oxford 29
Bearman Kate Daughter Single F 14 1877 Scholar Hackney, London 129
Bearman Edith Daughter Single F 12 1879 Scholar Hackney, London 33
Bearman Hilda Daughter Single F 10 1881 Scholar Hackney, London 130
Bearman Elsie Nora Daughter Single F 8 1883 Scholar Hackney, London 30
Bearman Donald Benj Son Single M 0 1891 Hackney, London 31
Sandle Clara Visitor Single F 27 1864 Dressmaker Oxford 149

1901 8, Broke Road, Shoreditch, London
Stutchbury Elizabeth Head Widow F 49 1852 Hackney, London 557
Stutchbury Thomas Son Single M 25 1876 Sorter F & C Parcels Haggerston, London 355
Stutchbury Ada E Daughter Single F 23 1878 Boot Machinist Haggerston, London 559
Stutchbury Samuel Son Single M 19 1882 Ganger's Assist Homerton, London 560
Stutchbury Annie Daughter Single F 16 1885 Blouse Maker Haggerston, London 561
Stutchbury Clara Daughter Single F 13 1888 Haggerston, London 562

1901 8, Tudor Road, Hackney, London
Bearman Thomas Head Married M 54 1847 Retired Baker and Confectioner Hackney, London 18
Bearman Keturah Wife Married F 50 1851 Oxford, Oxfordshire 29
Bearman Kate Daughter Single F 24 1877 Hackney, London 129
Bearman Edith Daughter Single F 22 1879 Hackney, London 33
Bearman Hilda Daughter Single F 20 1881 Hackney, London 130
Bearman Elsie N Daughter Single F 18 1883 Hackney, London 30
Bearman Donald B Son Single M 10 1891 Hackney, London 31
Sandell Keziah Visitor Single F 38 1863 Oxford, Oxfordshire 131

1911 16 Sandringham Road Leyton Essex, Essex
Stutchbury Thomas Head Married M 35 1876 Registry Assistant, General Post Office London Haggerston 355
Stutchbury Kate Wife Married F 34 1877 London Sth Hackney 129

1911 8 Tudor Road Mare St S Hackney N E, London
Bearman Thomas Head Married M 64 1847 Retired Pastrycook Caterer Hackney N E 18
Bearman Keturah Wife Married F 60 1851 City of Oxford 29
Bearman Elsie Nora Daughter Single F 28 1883 Hackney N E 30
Bearman Donald Boyd Son Single M 20 1891 Clerk At Horse Guards Eastern Hackney N E 31
Carrington Charles Edward Henry Son In Law Married M 33 1878 Commercial Clerk Hackney N E 32
Carrington Edith Visitor Daughter Married F 32 1879 Hackney N E 33

1939 16 Sandringham Road, Leyton, Essex
Stutchbury Thomas Married M 63 1876 Civil Servant (RET) Clerical Officer 21st January 355
Stutchbury Kate Married F 63 1876 Domestic Duties 3rd August 129
Stutchbury Thomas Single M 28 1911 Analytical Chemist 13th September 550