Eileen Smith

(born 1911)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Husband: Thomas Stutchbury (born 13.9.1911 died 12.1995 Honiton)   View NotesHide notes  

Thomas Stutchbury Jnr. “was known as Stutch until the death of his father. He was educated at Mrs. Press's Oxford House School in Leytonstone and then at Bancroft's School, Woodford Wells. He gained the B.Sc. in Chemistry of London University at Sir John Cass College, London. He was the first person in the direct line of descent of the family to take a university degree. He spent his life as a professional chemist, first working for Siemen (electrical) but later became Chief Chemist at the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene in London. Actually he used to say to us that he would rather have been an accountant- he was very good at figures and used to try to coach me in mathematics when I was a boy (without much success I am afraid).

He was also very good at electrical and radio matters. He collected stamps and in later years also had a large collection of cacti and became quite an expert on them. He was also very interested in photography and was rarely without his bag containing camera and lenses. Before colour photography became widespread he would develop and enlarge his black and white photos in the cellar at Sandringham Road. For many years until 1975 he was Secretary of the Bearman Trust.

In the summer of 1947 my future wife Florence Fozzard stayed with us at "Beach Crest" for the first time. Tom and his mother were also there and his mother, referring to Florence, remarked

"I wish Tom could find a nice girl like that!".

Thus inspired he went out as soon as they were home and found Eileen Smith. They were both keen tennis players and they met at the Tennis Club. They were married that same autumn. Tom lived at 16, Sandringham Road, Leyton, all his life until he and Eileen moved to Sidmouth in 1993 to be near their daughter. The family had lived in that house for nearly ninety years; it was newly built when Tom and Kate bought it in 1904. Eileen died on the 29th February 2008, at the great age of 96.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Daughter: Barbara Stutchbury (born 9.2.1954 ) 3 children   View NotesHide notes  

Barbara “took a degree in Microbiology at Reading University. She married Robert Merkin in spite of opposition from his parents, who were Jews and objected to his marrying a non-Jew. Robert was at one time on the staff of the Law Department at Queen Mary College, London. Eventually he became Professor of Law at Exeter University and they bought a big house at Aylesbeare but later moved to Sidmouth. He later worked part-time at Cardiff University and spent most of his time writing books on Insurance Law at home. Our solicitor in Leytonstone said he was familiar with Robert's books. Their children Eleanor, Lucy and Sophie became friends of the Ridgway children.”

Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Husband: Robert Merkin (born 1953 )  

Daughter: Eleanor Merkin (born 1982 )  

Daughter: Lucy Claire Merkin (born 2.1985 Lancaster )  

Daughter: Sophie Rose Merkin (born 5.1989 Chelmsford )  

Picture by B R
Merkin hanging on the wall at Beachcrest, dated ...

Census records (1):

1939 16 Sandringham Road, Leyton, Essex
Stutchbury Thomas Married M 63 1876 Civil Servant (RET) Clerical Officer 21st January 355
Stutchbury Kate Married F 63 1876 Domestic Duties 3rd August 129
Stutchbury Thomas Single M 28 1911 Analytical Chemist 13th September 550