Florence Robertshaw

(born 1889 Oldham, Lancashire died 1981)

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Maternal grandmother: Sarah Whiteley (born 1834 Ripponden, Yorkshire died 18 Jan 1897 Oldham, Lancashire)   View NotesHide notes  

Buried at Greenacres cemetery, section F13 grave 12 with address given as 30 Marble St – with 2 children and George

married 11 Jul 1858 Oldham, Lancashire

Maternal grandfather: George Embley (born 1837 Oldham, Lancashire died 3 Apr 1864 Oldham, Lancashire) (born Oldham, Lancashire died Oldham, Lancashire)  


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Sarah Hannah Embley (born 27 Apr 1864 Oldham, Lancashire died Jan 1935)  

married 1885 Oldham, Lancashire

Father John William Robertshaw (born 1864 Lancashire)  

Brother: Thomas Robertshaw (born 1887 Oldham, Lancashire )  

Husband: John Roberts Fozzard (born 16.5.1892 Oldham, Lancashire died 1965 ) married 1916 Oldham, Lancashire  

Daughter: Florence Fozzard (born 1919 died 4.10.2010 Leyton, Essex) 2 children  

Husband: Frank Alexander Middlemiss (born 25.3.1920 Leyton, Essex )   View NotesHide notes  

Frank “was born at 38, Canterbury Road, Leyton and educated at Canterbury Road School, Leyton, and the Leyton County High School, along with his cousins Ernest and Douglas. He spent the 2nd World War in the Royal Army Medical Corps, serving in all the countries from India to Italy. He was taken prisoner on the Anzio beachhead in February 1944 and spent fourteen months as a prisoner of war in Italy and Germany. When he eventually came out of the Army he was fortunate enough to obtain a Government Further Education grant and went to London University, where he took his B.Sc. (and later his Ph.D.) in Geology.

“He was taken on to the staff of his own college (Queen Mary College) and remained there for the rest of his working life, gradually rising through the ranks of Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, University Reader and finally Emeritus Reader. He loved his job, as he always got on well with students, and went on working until he was 76. From 1981 until 2004 he was Chairman of ACE Residents' Association, the residents' association covering the whole of his part of Woodford.

“In his first week at the College he met fellow student Florence Fozzard (9th February 1919- ), from Oldham, and they were married in 1949. Florence had spent the war years as Secretary, Bursar and Assistant Matron at a boys' boarding school in her native Oldham and had come to College as a mature student. Afterwards she had a variety of jobs, mainly secretarial, including being Personal Secretary to the man who ran the National Industrial Relations Court, and she finished up by being an Inspector in the Department of Health and Social Security until she retired at the age of sixty.”

Frank Middlemiss online notes

Daughter: Stella Margaret Middlemiss (born 1951 )  

Daughter: Joan Florence Middlemiss (born 1956 )  

Note handed
down the generations, regarding John William Robert...
Note inside
bible handed down the generations, written by Flore...
John William
Roberthsaw on the ship’s manifest for the Lucian...
Detail of the
front of bible passed down the generations from S...

Census records:

1881 56, Greenwood Street, Lancashire
Embley Sarah Head Widow F 47 1834 Ripponden, Yorkshire 4040
Embley William Henry Son Single M 22 1859 Cotton Piecer Oldham, Lancashire 4041
Embley Elizabeth Daughter Single F 19 1862 Cotton Weaver Oldham, Lancashire 4042
Embley Sarah Hannah Daughter Single F 16 1865 Cotton Reeler Oldham, Lancashire 4028

1891 Darker Street, Oldham, Lancashire
Robertshaw John W Head Married M 26 1865 Grocer Lancashire, Oldham 4039
Robertshaw Sarah H Wife Married F 26 1865 Lancashire, Oldham 4028
Robertshaw Thomas Son M 4 1887 Lancashire, Oldham 4029
Robertshaw Florrie Daughter F 1 1890 Lancashire, Oldham 4020
Embley Helena Visitor F 1 1890 Lancashire, Oldham

1891 Marble Street, Oldham, Lancashire
Pickles Elias Head M 30 1861 Warehouseman Oldham, Lancashire 4044
Pickles Eliz Wife F 29 1862 Oldham, Lancashire 4042
Pickles Edith Daughter F 3 1888 Oldham, Lancashire 4045
Pickles Annie Daughter F 1 1890 Oldham, Lancashire 4046
Sarah Embly Mother In Law F 57 1834 Ripponden, Yorkshire 4040

1901 411, Ripponden Road, Lancashire
Fozzard Jesiah Head Married M 35 1866 Police Constable Saddleworth, Yorkshire 4022
Fozzard Annie Wife Married F 34 1867 Holmfirth, Yorkshire 4023
Fozzard Mary Hannah Daughter F 10 1891 Oldham, Lancashire 4024
Fozzard John Robt Son M 8 1893 Oldham, Lancashire 4021
Fozzard Herbert Son M 6 1895 Oldham, Lancashire 4025
Fozzard Charles Son M 3 1898 Oldham, Lancashire 4026
Fozzard Florence Daughter F 0 1901 Oldham, Lancashire 4030

1911 411 Ripponden Road, Oldham, Lancashire
Fozzard Jesiah Head Married M 45 1866 Police Constable Yorkshire Saddleworth 4022
Fozzard Annie Wife Married F 44 1867 - Yorkshire Holmfirth 4023
Fozzard Mary Hannah Daughter Single F 20 1891 Cardroom Operative Speed Tenter Cotton Lancashire Oldham 4024
Fozzard John Roberts Son Single M 18 1893 Apprentice Fitter Iron Lancashire Oldham 4021
Fozzard Herbert Son Single M 16 1895 Weaver Cotton Lancashire Oldham 4025
Fozzard Charles Son Single M 13 1898 Weaver Cotton Lancashire Oldham 4026
Fozzard Sarah Ann Daughter Single F 8 1903 School Lancashire Oldham 4027

1911 449 Ripponden R Oldham Lancashire, Lancashire
Radcliffe William Head Married M 57 1854 Warehouseman Lancashire Oldham
Radcliffe Sarah Hannah Wife Married F 47 1864 Housekeeper Lancashire Oldham 4028
Robertshaw Thomas Stepson Single M 24 1887 Joiner Lancashire Oldham 4029
Robertshaw Florence Stepdaughter Single F 21 1890 Cotton Weaver Lancashire Oldham 4020