Sarah Sandford Wallis

(born 1847 Halstead, Essex died 1884 West Ham)

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Maternal grandmother: Ann Salmon (born 1773 Great Glemham, Suffolk died 29 Nov 1852)   View NotesHide notes  

Source - family tree at, not found on IGI/

Woodbridge Church inscriptions:

In the adjopining vault are deposited the remains of Simon Vertue, who died March 16th 1860, aged 87 years.

Also those of Ann, his beloved wife who died Nov 29th 1852, aged 79 years.


married 12 Jun 1806 Woodbridge, Suffolk

Maternal grandfather: Simon Vertue (born 25 Jul 1772 Woodbridge, Suffolk died 16 Mar 1860 Woodbridge, Suffolk)   View NotesHide notes  

Woodbridge Quay Church, buried 19th March 1860 Quay Burial Grnd

Woodbridge Church inscriptions:

In the adjopining vault are deposited the remains of Simon Vertue, who died March 16th 1860, aged 87 years.

Also those of Ann, his beloved wife who died Nov 29th 1852, aged 79 years.




Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Ann Byles Vertue (born 23 Jan 1811 Woodbridge, Suffolk died 18 Nov 1894 Halsted, Essex)   View NotesHide notes  

Source IGI and family tree at, not found on IGI/

Married Thomas Lankester - see Ipswich Record (?).. checkout online (requires Oxfordshire libraries membership), 1835. Also see attached Piggott’s marriage record.

married 1839 Stow, Suffolk

Father William Sheppard Wallis (born 1813 Halstead, Essex died 28 Jan 1892 Halstead, Essex)   View NotesHide notes  

Record on IGI of baptism of William Shephard Wallace, 29 June 1818, Independent Or Congregation Of Protestant Dissenteca, Castle Hedingham, Essex, England. Father Nathan Wallace

Sibling: Charles Vertue Lankester (born 18.9.1836 Stowmarket, Suffolk died 24.6.1837 )   View NotesHide notes  

Baptised 16th Feb 1837, Ipswich Street Independent, Stowmarket, Suffolk - see IGI.

Memorial inscription:

In memory of Sarah the wife of Jacob Sizer who departed this life November 27th 1821 and is buried in a vault opposite this stone. And of the said Jacob Sizer who died June 8th 1837 aged 64 years.

Also of Charles Vertue Lankester son of Thomas and Ann Lankester of Stowmarket who died 24th June 1837 aged 9 months.

Also of Ann widow of the above Jacob Sizer who died April 27th 1852 aged 69 years.


Brother: William Ralph Wallis (born 1841 )  

Sister: Ann Virtue Wallis (born 1843 )  

Sister: Emma Louisa Wallis (born 1847 Halsted, Essex )  

Brother: Edwin Cooper Wallis (born 1850 )  

Brother: Arthur Henry Wallis (born abt 1850 Halstead, Essex )  

Brother: Frederic Morton Wallis (born 1858 Halstead, Essex )  

Husband: John Greenwell Sherwin (born 1845 died 1903 Nuneaton) married 1869 Halstead, Essex  

Daughter: Jessie Wallis Sherwin (born 1870 Dalston, Middlesex )  

Daughter: Ethel Sarah Sherwin (born 1871 Dalston, Middlesex )  

Son: John Wallis Sherwin (born 1874 Dalston, Middlesex )  

Son: Ernest Brindley Sherwin (born 1875 Hackney, Middlesex ) no children  

Wife: Emma Harriet Outing (born 1884 Sudbury )  

Son: Charles Vertue Sherwin (born 1876 Hackney, Middlesex )  

Son: Herbert Lloyd Sherwin (born 1877 Clapton, Middlesex )  

Sarah Sandford Wallis Notes:

Married John Greenwell Sherwin 1869 Halstead, Essex

1835 marriage
of Sarah Vertue to Lankester Webb in local newspa...
Ann Byles
Wallis probate 1894, naming Emma Louisa Wallis
John Greenwell
Sherwin probate, 1903
Ernest Brindley
Sherwin, builder, probate 1905 to widow Emma Ha...
Probate record
for William Sheppard Wallis, 1892
Ann Byles
Vertue, marriage to Thomas Lankester in 1835
Ann Vertue’s
marriage to Thomas Lankester in the Ipswich Jour...
Death of Ann
Vertue on 29th November 1852, in the Ipswich Journ...
Will of Sarah
Vertue (née Ralph), 1811. Page 1
Will of Sarah
Vertue, page 2

Census records (7):

1841 Brewer’s Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk
Vertue Simon M 68 1773 Suffolk 2452
Vertue Ann F 68 1773 Suffolk 2462
Smith Emily F 20 1821 Suffolk

1851 Brewers Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk
Vertue Simon Head Married M 78 1773 Retired Bankers Clerk Woodbridge, Suffolk 2452
Vertue Ann Wife Married F 78 1773 Gt Glemham, Suffolk 2462
Backhouse Emma Servant Unmarried F 22 1829 House Servt Sutton, Suffolk

1861 Tan Office, Combs, Stow, Suffolk
Webb Lankester Head Married M 48 1813 Master Tanner employing 121 men 31 boys Suffolk, Combs 2598
Webb Sarah Wife Married F 48 1813 Suffolk, Woodbridge 2464
Webb Sarah P Daughter F 23 1838 Suffolk, Combs 2607
Webb Joseph V Son M 22 1839 Tanners Son Suffolk, Combs 2599
Webb Edward L Son M 21 1840 Tanners Son Suffolk, Combs 2608
Webb Walter B Son M 19 1842 Tanners Son Suffolk, Combs 2613
Webb Ann S Daughter F 17 1844 Suffolk, Combs 2609
Webb Lucy L Daughter F 14 1847 Suffolk, Combs 2610
Webb Octavius A Son M 12 1849 Suffolk, Combs 2611
Wallis Arthur H Visitor M 7 1854 Essex, Halsted 2606
Hacker Sarah Servant F 23 1838 House servant Suffolk, ??
Gillman Mary A Servant F 22 1839 House servant Norfolk, ?
Bacon Ellen Servant F 22 1839 House servant Essex, ??

1881 5, Goulton Rd, Hackney, Middlesex
Sherwin John G Head Married M 36 1845 Ironmonger Master Shoreditch, Middlesex 2633
Sherwin Sarah L Wife Married F 37 1844 Halstead, Essex 2631
Sherwin Jessie W Daughter Single F 10 1871 Scholar Dalston, Middlesex 2634
Sherwin Ethel S Daughter Single F 9 1872 Scholar Dalston, Middlesex 2635
Sherwin John W Son Single M 7 1874 Scholar Dalston, Middlesex 2636
Sherwin Ernest B Son Single M 6 1875 Scholar Hackney, Middlesex 2637
Sherwin Charles V Son Single M 5 1876 Scholar Hackney, Middlesex 2638
Sherwin Herbert L Son Single M 3 1878 Clapton, Middlesex 2639
Sherwin Gertrude T Daughter Single F 1 1880 Clapton, Middlesex
Bond Mary J Servant Single F 17 1864 General Domestic Peters Morland, Devon
Hales Katherine R Servant Single F 16 1865 General Domestic Greenstead, Essex

1881 Head Street, Halstead, Essex
Wallis William S Head Married M 68 1813 Vet't Surgeon F.R.C.V.S. Halstead, Essex 2595
Wallis Ann B Wife Married F 70 1811 Woodbridge, Suffolk 2463
Wallis Frederic M Son Single M 23 1858 Student At Vet'y Coll London Halstead, Essex 2596
Wash Mary Servant Single F 30 1851 Cook Dom Serv Toppesfield, Essex
Wash Margaret D Servant Single F 19 1862 Housemaid Dom Serv Toppesfield, Essex

1881 Tan Office, Combs, Suffolk
Webb Lankester Head Widower M 68 1813 Tanner Employ 130 Men 10 Boy Farmer 680 Ac 40 Men 15 Boy Combs, Suffolk 2598
Webb Joseph Son Single M 42 1839 Tanner Combs, Suffolk 2599
Wallis Emmah Niece Single F 34 1847 House Keeper Halsted, Essex 2630
Cooper Louisa Servant Single F 30 1851 Cook Domestic Serv Halsted, Suffolk
Wilding Charlot Servant Single F 40 1841 House Maid Domestic Serv Stonham, Suffolk
Goodsham Elizebeth Servant Single F 22 1859 General Domestic Serv Debenham, Suffolk

1901 The Tannery, Stowmarket Road, Combs, Suffolk
Webb Joseph V Head Single M 62 1839 Tanner Farmer Fellmonger Leather Dresser Currier Lear Band Make Combs, Suffolk 2599
Portway George W Nephew Single M 33 1868 Manager Of Above Tannery & C Leeds, Yorkshire 2619
Wallis Emma L Cousin Single F 54 1847 Housekeeper Halstead, Essex 2630
Cross Minnie Cook Domestic Single F 25 1876 Cook Domestic Depden Green, Suffolk
Haxell Mary K Servant Single F 18 1883 Housemaid Domestic Battisford, Suffolk