John Messenger Jones

(born 1850 Jersey, Channel Islands)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Hadajsah Sandell (born 21.7.1849 Oxford died 12.1935 Dover Road)   View NotesHide notes  

Hadajsah “married John Jones, a builder, in 1878, and hence was always known as "Auntie Jones". In 1881, they were living in Lower Clapton. From 1905 she lived first at Southwall Road, Deal, and finally at de Burgh Hill, Dover”

- Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Son: John (Bertie) Bertram Jones (born 1882 Clapton, London died 10.1947 )   View NotesHide notes  

John “and his wife Eunice kept a draper's shop in High Street, Dover, for many years before the 2nd World War. Members of the family staying at Beach Crest always made a point of buying something in their shop. Bert was very fond of music but of somewhat limited tastes; he loved Handel and Haydn but could not see much in Bach or Mozart. At the beginning of the War they had to give up the shop as it did not pay and, in late middle age, Bert managed to obtain an uncongenial clerical job in the post office in Birmingham, where they lived in unsatisfactory lodgings. Eunice died suddenly of a stroke in May 1941, leaving Bert all alone in a strange land. However, in December 1943 he married Anne Sumner, the supervisor in the post office where he worked. They lived at Sparkbrook and he died four years later.” — Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Son: Ernest Jones (born 1884 Leyton, Essex )   View NotesHide notes  

“Ernest Jones lost his job and his home and he and his wife lived in a hotel room while looking for lodgings. After a hard day's searching they came back to their hotel room and sat on the floor exhausted and she died in his arms. He died soon afterwards.” — Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records:

1851 Brewers Street, St Aldate, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Davis Isaac Visitor Unmarried M 21 1830 Labourer Bampton, Oxfordshire 530
Sandell Joseph Head Married M 39 1812 School Master Oxford St Michael, Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Leah Wife Married F 26 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell Elizabeth Daughter F 3 1848 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 133
Sandell Hadassah Daughter F 1 1850 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 135
Sandell Keturah Daughter F 0 1851 Oxford St Aldate, Oxfordshire 29
Davis Hephzibah Visitor Unmarried F 20 1831 Barmaid Bampton, Oxfordshire 515
Sandell Phillis Mother Widow F 67 1784 Fund Holder Bletchington, Oxfordshire 140
Prior Alice Servant Unmarried F 14 1837 House Servant East Hannay, Berkshire
Noys Lois Visitor F 8 1843 Oxford St Martin, Oxfordshire 668

1861 Hockmore Street, Cowley, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sandell Joseph Head Married M 49 1812 English Teacher St Michael, Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Leah Wife Married F 36 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried F 13 1848 Scholar Oxford 133
Sandell Hadajsah Daughter Unmarried F 11 1850 Scholar Oxford 135
Sandell Keturah Daughter Unmarried F 10 1851 Scholar Oxford 29
Sandell Charles J Son Unmarried M 8 1853 Scholar Oxford 136
Sandell Rhoda Daughter Unmarried F 6 1855 Scholar Oxford 137
Sandell John E Son Unmarried M 3 1858 Scholar Oxford 138
Sandell James E Son Unmarried M 1 1860 Scholar Oxford 139
Harman Frederick Visitor Unmarried M 16 1845 Witney 2304

1881 16, Dunlace Rd, Hackney, Middlesex
Jones John Messenger Head Married M 31 1850 Builder Employing 9 Men 3 Boys Jersey, Channel Islands 256
Jones Hada Wife Married F 31 1850 Builder Wife Oxford City, Oxfordshire 135

1891 54, Southwold Road, Hackney, South Hackney, London
Jones Ada Head Widow F 41 1850 Seamstress Oxford 135
Jones Bertie Son Single M 9 1882 Scholar Clapton, London 260
Jones Ernest Son Single M 7 1884 Scholar Leyton, Essex 259
Cattell Charles H Lodger Widower M 53 1838 Out Of Business Islington, London
Sandell John E Lodger Single M 33 1858 Builders Clerk Oxford 138
Sandell Leah Lodger Widow F 66 1825 Brampton, Oxfordshire 134

1901 54, Southwold Road, Hackney, London
Jones Ada Head Widow F 42 1859 Seamstress Oxford, Oxfordshire 135
Jones Ernest Son Single M 17 1884 Plumbers Assistant Leyton, Essex 259
Ladlam Emma Visitor Widow F 50 1851 Gold Beater Skin Maker Stoke Newington, London

1911 1 Hillside Terrace, Mill Road, Deal W, Kent
Jones Hada Head Widow F 47 1864 Private Means Oxfordshire Oxford 135
Jones Ernest Son Single M 27 1884 Cycle Repaired Essex Leyton 259