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My great grand-parents:
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Martha Hannah Hales (1878-1957)
John Gough Roberts (1878-1957)
Hannah Barnes (1883-1972)
William Charles Tappin (1882-1971)
Keturah Sandell (1851-1930)
Thomas Bearman (1846-1921)
Sarah Fidler (1862-1952)
Alfred Robert Webb (1861-1948)

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Top L-R: Brian
Smith, Florence Ada (Barnes) Poynter, Patricia Poynter (daughter of Arthur Poynter); and in front Martin John Smith and Anthony Poynter
BEARMAN’s calling card
Guillebaud’s will of 1821, page 3
1920-01-11 page
4 letter by Donald Bearman
Thomas and
Ketura, with Kate, Elsie and Edith, l to r back row, Hilda, middle and Donald in front circa 1895
P37: Deal, Kent
in the 1950s
The Honeyborne
family on board the Dominion from Liverpool to Montreal, June 25th 1908
Kettel Hall for
let in 1822, a date at which Edward Sandell should have been in the middle of his residence, so this is a little puzzling. Oxford University and City Herald, Saturday 20th April 1822
Could this be
christening record for Robert Webb, in 1803. Parents Robert (waterman) and Elizabeth at St Saviour, Southwark. Unsure if date 17 Feb 1803 refers to christening or birth. There is a possible cousin Ann on the line below.
Lilley’s Christian letter outlining her beliefs probably written when she was around 15 (1864) – page 1
Page 2 of Eliza
Lilley’s Christian notes
1919-09 Donald
Bearman letters to his father
Donald Bearman letter to his father
British Army
service records for Charles Boyd 1858-80, page 4
1919-11-13 p3
Donald Bearman to his father Thomas
Essex. From Springfield Hill near the Gravel Pits engraved by J Rogers after a picture by WHBartlett, published in Virtue's Picturesque Beauties of Great Britain. Essex, 1834.jpg
George John
Vertue, with family in 1887, courtesy
1919-11-13 p2
Donald Bearman to his father Thomas
1920-02-22 p2
Donald Bearman letter to his father
The will of
Hannah Vertue - page 1, who could be Hannah Vertue born 1836
P19: Pippa
Bearman in Churchfields private road, with Donald, Peggy, Rosalind and Nanny Warner c1929.
P12: Noonsun
– 25 Churchfields, Broxbourne; Pippa Bearman with mother Ethel at Deal and Nanny Rainbow
The 1778
marriage of Peter Guillebaud widower to Ann Jenkenson widow
Louise Kate
Neal, née Hales in 1957 London Gazette
Robert John
FARMER with groom sitting on back of the trap
All Cannings
parish registers transcribed in 1905 showing 1626 baptism of Francis Tucker

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Sarah Browning (b.1815) 16/03/2022 George Henry Wigley (b.1836) 30/01/2022 Emma Jane Wooldridge (b.1850) 21/12/2021
Helena Beasant (b.1866) 16/03/2022 Elizabeth Cross (b.1839) 30/01/2022 Louisa Sirkett (b.1883) 21/12/2021
Daniel Cox (b.1857) 16/03/2022 Emma Louisa Walters (b.1849) 20/01/2022 James Henry Peggram (b.1882) 21/12/2021
Edward Charles Sandell (b.1767) 02/03/2022 Emma Walters (b.1829) 20/01/2022 Robert William Loftin (b.1848) 21/12/2021
William Calvert (b.1843) 26/02/2022 Richard Wescoe Jullian (b.1842) 19/01/2022 Robert William Loftin (b.1904) 21/12/2021
Mary Ann Wheatley (b.1842) 26/02/2022 Jonathan James Haines (b.1865) 07/01/2022 Anna Maria Beard (b.1763) 18/12/2021
Elizabeth Coulson (b.1813) 22/02/2022 Kathleen Mary Malcolm (b.1920) 27/12/2021 Edward Fidler (b.1763) 18/12/2021
Ralph Calvert (b.1810) 22/02/2022 Alan Robert Malcolm (b.1914) 27/12/2021 Margery Drewett (b.1768) 18/12/2021
Sarah Fidler (b.1862) 22/02/2022 Frank Gregory Malcolm (b.1912) 27/12/2021 Edward Drewett (b.1740) 18/12/2021
Alfred Robert Webb (b.1861) 22/02/2022 Ida Helena Sandell (b.1884) 27/12/2021 Dorcas Stacy (b.1705) 16/12/2021
Thomas Bearman (b.1846) 22/02/2022 William Gregory Malcolm (b.1878) 27/12/2021 Dorcas Fish (b.1734) 16/12/2021
Catherine Boyd (b.1814) 21/02/2022 Gertrude Linda Sandell (b.1888) 27/12/2021 Adam Fish (b.1710) 16/12/2021
Stephen Cross (b.1802) 17/02/2022 Doris Amy Bower Young (b.1897) 27/12/2021 Dorcas Wheeler (b.1770) 16/12/2021
Mary Ann Cross (b.1833) 31/01/2022 Terence John Sandell (b.1928) 27/12/2021 Margaret Elizabeth (Betty) Huxley (b.1920) 15/12/2021
Henry Edward Cross (b.1826) 31/01/2022 Nellie Florence May Renvoize (b.1894) 27/12/2021 Myra Elizabeth Webb (b.1888) 15/12/2021
Stephen Cross (b.1822) 31/01/2022 Charles Howard Sandell (b.1886) 27/12/2021 Arthur Huxley (b.1886) 15/12/2021
Robert Robertson Jack (b.1863) 30/01/2022 Reginald Pagett Sandell (b.1890) 27/12/2021 Thomas Fidler (b.1795) 08/12/2021
Miriam Adelaide Wigley (b.1863) 30/01/2022 Hadassah Sandell (b.1849) 27/12/2021 Maria Fidler (b.1826) 07/12/2021
Mary Ellen Howe (b.1830) 30/01/2022 Sheila M Young (b.1936) 26/12/2021 Winifred Howson (b.1890) 03/12/2021
Susannah Page (b.1830) 30/01/2022 William Peggram (b.1841) 21/12/2021 Thomas E Mitchell (b.1870) 03/12/2021