Horace Andrew Walmsley

(born Dec 1953 Ilford district, Essex died Feb 1992)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Elizabeth Ann Cave (born 1957 )   View NotesHide notes married 1978 Broxbourne district, Hertfordshire  

Elizabeth “(her grandfather always called her "Bunty")" married Andrew (Andy) Walmsley who was a diabetic, after kidney failure and having had a leg amputated, he died of heart failure in February 1992 aged 38. They had no children. They had a house in Dolphin Street, Deal, which she inherited. During the last months of his life Andy was looked after by his ailing mother in her home which was also in Deal while Elizabeth (who rarely visited), remained in the marital home. A few months after Andy died in 1992 she set off to travel the world.

Horace Andrew Walmsley Notes:

Mother Liisa A Viljanen, father Norman, married December 1953