William J Long

(born 1859 Illinois, USA)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Clara Sandell (born 26.9.1863 Oxford, Oxfordshire died 4.3.1952 Los Angeles, California, USA)   View NotesHide notes married 28.1.1921 Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, USA  

Frank Middlemiss wrote in his online notes: Clara “was the only one of Joseph and Leah's children who was not given a biblical name. As they already had a Kezia, named after one of the daughters of Job, they intended to call their youngest after another of Job's daughters, Keren-Happuch, but when they arrived at the font neither of them could remember the name. So, quite on the spur of the moment, looking at his daughter's typical Sandell red hair, Joseph decided to call her Clara Bright. Clara Sandell later, as a young woman, emigrated, quite alone, to Canada and then the USA. There she married three successive husbands, of whom the last was a wealthy orange grower at Anaheim, California. She died in California in 1952.”

I have not been able to find any evidence of middle name Bright or of 3 husbands, however the meaning of the name Clara is taken to be bright so possibly the story got mixed up over the years.

Emigrated 1st July 1911 to Halifax, Canada, on board the ship Carthaginian. When Clara crossed from Canada to US in 1912 she apparently had 25 dollars in her possesion and was described as being 5'5" tall, fair complexion, brown hair and green eyes.

Death record of Clara Long online at confirms her identity with mother’s maiden Davis, father Sandell and birth date of 26th Sept 1863.

Clara can be seen in the 1920 census in Los Angeles as widow Tagg. The following year she married William J. Long. From the time of her crossing the Canada - US border in 1912 when she gave her age as 38 (48), 1920 census 45 (56) Clara understated her age. In her death record she is recorded as being the widow of William Tagg (her first marriage) but the dates were at least correct.

North Emily
Street on Google’s Street View. Clara Long lived ...
Clara emigrated
to Canada on board the SS Carthaginian in July ...
Clara and
husband John S Tagg on Los Angeles voters list in 191...
Clara gave her
age as 45 at the time of the 1920 census.
Clara Long in
Los Angeles in the 1930 US census
Clara (Sandell)
Long, age 76, Anaheim, Orange, California 1940
Clara Sandell
crossed from Canada to USA in 1912. She gave her ...
Clara Sandell
on board the Carthaginian to Halifax, Canada in 1...
taken in California
John Tagg,
Clara’s first husband
shortly before she emigrated in 1911

Census records (4):

1881 66, Dunlace Road, Hackney, Middlesex
Sandell John Edward Head Single M 23 1858 Clerk Oxford, Oxfordshire 138
Sandell Leah Mother Widow F 56 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell James Albert Brother Son Single M 21 1860 Carpenter Oxford, Oxfordshire 139
Sandell Clara Sister Daughter Single F 17 1864 Dressmaker Oxford, Oxfordshire 149

1891 8, Tudor Road, Hackney, London
Bearman Thomas Head Married M 44 1847 Pastry Cook Hackney, London 18
Bearman Keturah Wife Married F 40 1851 Oxford 29
Bearman Kate Daughter Single F 14 1877 Scholar Hackney, London 129
Bearman Edith Daughter Single F 12 1879 Scholar Hackney, London 33
Bearman Hilda Daughter Single F 10 1881 Scholar Hackney, London 130
Bearman Elsie Nora Daughter Single F 8 1883 Scholar Hackney, London 30
Bearman Donald Benj Son Single M 0 1891 Hackney, London 31
Sandle Clara Visitor Single F 27 1864 Dressmaker Oxford 149

1901 134, Hollydale Road, Camberwell, London
Howson John B Head Married M 58 1843 Accountant Oxford, Oxfordshire 177
Howson Rhoda Wife Married F 46 1855 Oxford, Oxfordshire 137
Howson Rhoda Daughter Single F 22 1879 Brixton, London 178
Howson Emily Daughter Single F 21 1880 Commercial Clerk Brixton, London 179
Howson Winifred Daughter Single F 10 1891 Scholar Camberwell, London 257
Howson Wilfrid L P Son Single M 4 1897 Camberwell, London 258
Gandell Clara Sister-In-Law Single F 37 1864 Dressmaker Oxford, Oxfordshire 149

1911 134 Ifield Road, West Brompton S W, London
Nope George Head Married M 55 1856 Frame Gilder London City
Nope Elizabeth Wife Married30 years F 56 1855 London Islington
Turner Robert Boarder Single M 47 1864 Traveller Drapery London City
Stell Frank Boarder Single M 27 1884 Student The Chemical Engineering Yorkshire Hebden Bridge
Sandell Clara Boarder Single F 47 1864 Sick Nurse Oxford City 149