Laurence S Oliver

(born 1924 St Albans, Hertfordshire died 16 Nov 2016)

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Mother: Unknown

Father Unknown

Wife: Christine Winifred Roberts (born 16.6.1935 Barnet, Hertfordshire ) married 1954 St Albans, Hertfordshire  

Daughter: Susan S Oliver (born 14.7.1955 St Albans ) 2 children  

Husband: Richard J Sutton (born 1955 )  

Daughter: Lisa Sutton (born 21.5.1980 )  

Son: Geoffrey Sutton (born 15.12.1981 )  

Daughter: Alison S Oliver (born 13.3.1957 St Albans ) 4 children  

Husband: William V Tilley (born 1958 St Albans, Hertfordshire )  

Son: Liam Seguin Tilley (born 15.7.1982 St Albans, Hertfordshire )  

Son: Daniel Tilley (born 31.12.1983 )  

Son: Rory Tilley (born 21.9.1985 )  

Daughter: Ria Tilley (born 27.2.1989 )  

Son: Stephen L Oliver (born 8.2.1960 ) 3 children  

Wife: Lynette J Fountain (born 1959 )  

Son: Matthew Leigh S Oliver (born 18.10.1984 St Albans, Hertfordshire )  

Daughter: Sian Marie S Oliver (born 2.7.1986 St Albans, Hertfordshire )  

Daughter: Stephanie Danielle S Oliver (born 9.11.1989 St Albans, Hertfordshire )  

Laurence S Oliver Notes:

Mother Po? according to birth record, possibly Portch which case Laurence had siblings David S born in 1928 and Roland G S born 1933. There was a recorded marriage of Charles H G Oliver to Harriet M S Portch in St Albans 1922 – these are most likely matches for his parents. Harriet, I believe, was born 1896 in Rotherhithe to George S and Harriet E. There is record of a Charles Henry G Oliver born in Camberwell district, but could not find in censuses definitely, record of death in 1957 St Albans. Possible baptism record on Ancestry of Charles Henry George to William Charles Oliver and Jane Elizabeth Oliver, and there is a marriage record 1888 Kensington with her maiden name being Bugden. 

Penny Bearman
with cousins Alison and Susan Oliver