Winifred N Banks

(born 1911 Edmonton, Middlesex)

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Maternal grandmother: Rhoda Sandell (born 27 Feb 1855 St Aldate, Oxfordshire died 19 Dec 1943 Bromley Road)  

Maternal grandfather: John Barraclough Howson (born Dec 1842 St Ebbes, Oxford died 10 Apr 1908)   View NotesHide notes  

Probate 28 May 1908, John Barraclough Howson of 134 Hollydale-road Peckham, Surrey died 10 April 1908 at the Charing Cross Hospital Middlesex, to Rhoda Howson widow. Effects £184 19s.


Paternal grandmother: not known

Paternal grandfather: not known


Mother: Winifred Howson (born 22 Sep 1890 Camberwell, London)   View NotesHide notes  

Winifred “married Basil Banks and they lived in a house called Winbas at 18, Exford Road, London, SE12. (Note that nearly all this part of the family was concentrated in south-east London). In later years Winnie moved to Hythe. She suffered with arthritis and was not very mobile. Winnie and Basil had two children, Winifred Jnr. and Beryl. Winifred Banks married a man named Cooke, and they had a son Clive Vincent Cooke, born 29th August 1943. Beryl Banks, with her sister and parents, used to stay at Beach Crest in the 20s.” — Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

married 1911 Edmonton, London

Father Basil V Banks (born abt 15 Jan 1890)  

Sister: Beryl M Banks (born 1915 Edmonton, Middlesex )   View NotesHide notes 1 children  

“Beryl was just a little on the plump side and Tom Stutchbury Jnr. christened her "Barrel". In August 1940 she married Mickey McCarthy, who worked at one of the film studios. At the wedding she was described as "looking quite her old saucy self". Their daughter Carol Antonia McCarthy was born on 13th August 1943. In September 1968, Beryl and Antonia visited us at Beach Crest; Tonia, as they called her, was then "in show business".” — Frank Middlemiss’s online notes

Husband: Mickey McCarthy (born 1915 )  

Son: Carol Antonia McCarthy (born 13.8.1943 )  

Husband: ??? Cooke (born abt 1910 )  

Son: Clive Vincent Cooke (born 29.8.1943 )  

Barraclough Howson 1908 probate
and Ernest SOUTHERNWOOD’s wedding. Keturah BEARM...

Present day Map with below census address/es in red

Census records (6):

1861 Hockmore Street, Cowley, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sandell Joseph Head Married M 49 1812 English Teacher St Michael, Oxfordshire 132
Sandell Leah Wife Married F 36 1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 134
Sandell Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried F 13 1848 Scholar Oxford 133
Sandell Hadajsah Daughter Unmarried F 11 1850 Scholar Oxford 135
Sandell Keturah Daughter Unmarried F 10 1851 Scholar Oxford 29
Sandell Charles J Son Unmarried M 8 1853 Scholar Oxford 136
Sandell Rhoda Daughter Unmarried F 6 1855 Scholar Oxford 137
Sandell John E Son Unmarried M 3 1858 Scholar Oxford 138
Sandell James E Son Unmarried M 1 1860 Scholar Oxford 139
Harman Frederick Visitor Unmarried M 16 1845 Witney 2304

1881 134, Hollydale Rd, Camberwell, Surrey
Howson John Barraclough Head Married M 38 1843 Commercial Clerk (Tailor) Oxford, Oxfordshire 177
Howson Rhoda Wife Married F 26 1855 Commercial Clerk Wife Oxford, Oxfordshire 137
Howson Rhoda Daughter Single F 2 1879 Commercial Clerk Daur Lambeth, Surrey 178
Howson Emily Daughter Single F 1 1880 Commercial Clerk Daur Lambeth, Surrey 179

1891 134, Hollydale Road, Camberwell, Peckham, London
Howson John B Head Married M 48 1843 Accountant Tailors Manager St Ebbes, Oxfordshire 177
Howson Rhoda Wife Married F 36 1855 St Aldate, Oxfordshire 137
Howson Emily Daughter Single F 11 1880 Scholar Lambeth, London 179
Howson Winfred Daughter Single F 0 1891 Camberwell, London 257
Howson Rhoda Daughter Single F 12 1879 Scholar Lambeth, London 178

1901 134, Hollydale Road, Camberwell, London
Howson John B Head Married M 58 1843 Accountant Oxford, Oxfordshire 177
Howson Rhoda Wife Married F 46 1855 Oxford, Oxfordshire 137
Howson Rhoda Daughter Single F 22 1879 Brixton, London 178
Howson Emily Daughter Single F 21 1880 Commercial Clerk Brixton, London 179
Howson Winifred Daughter Single F 10 1891 Scholar Camberwell, London 257
Howson Wilfrid L P Son Single M 4 1897 Camberwell, London 258
Gandell Clara Sister-In-Law Single F 37 1864 Dressmaker Oxford, Oxfordshire 149

1911 294 Hertford Road Waltham Cross Hertfordshire, Middlesex
Howson Rhoda Head Widow F 56 1855 Confectioner And Tobacconist (dealer) Oxford Oxfordshire 137
Howson Winifred Daughter Single F 20 1891 Pianiste And Vocaliste Peckham London 257
Howson Wilfrid Laurences Paget Son M 14 1897 School Peckham London 258
Anderson Gustaf Boarder Single M 25 1886 Tomato And Cucumber Grower Sweden Resident
Frey Axel Boarder Single M 28 1883 Tomato And Cucumber Grower Sweden Resident
Banks Basil Vincent Visitor Single M 21 1890 Automatic Machine Hand Newbury Berkshire

1939 18 Exford Road, Lewisham, London
Banks Basil V Married M 49 1890 Pill and Tablet Maker 15th January 1750
Banks Winifred Married F 49 1890 Unpaid domestic duties 22nd September 257
Howson Rhoda Widow F 84 1855 Unpaid domestic duties 27th February 137