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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Mary Ann Roberts

L Mary Ann Roberts (1783)
L William Baynton (1791-1874)
L Mary Ann Meares (1797)
L Robert Meares (1798)
L Mary Ann Guillebaud (1800)
L John Roberts (abt.1800)
L Ann Roberts (abt.1800)
L John Meares (1801)
L Theodore Davis (1802)
L Richard Guillebaud (1802-16)
L Eliza Guillebaud (abt.1804)
L George Hammond Meares (1804-59)
L Lea Guillebaud (1807-8)
L Peter Meares (1807-80)
L Elizabeth Meares (1809)
L Frederick Ford (abt.1810)
L Jemima Lea Guillebaud (1810-92)
L Jane Guillebaud (1810-84)
L Alexander Rippingale (abt.1810)
L Hannah Guillebaud (abt.1811-36)
L Mary Ann Guillebaud (1811-77)
L Henry Meares (1812)
L Sarah Emma Guillebaud (1814-98)
L Amelia Jane Meares (1814)
L George Stevens Allnut (1817-63)
L Henry Lea Guillebaud (1817-1900)
L Mary Lea Allnutt (?) (abt.1820-48)
L Frances Guillebaud (1821-97)
L Jemima Allnutt (1824)
L Ann Aldwin (abt.1760)
L John Roberts (abt.1760)
L John Meares (abt.1765)
L Jacques Guillebaud (1769)
L Sarah Aldwin (abt.1770)
L Elizabeth Aldwin (abt.1770)
L Henry Soames (abt.1770)
L Marie Anne Guillebaud (1771)
L Peter Guillebaud (1773-1867)
L Elizabeth Anna Lea (1776)
L John Fuller (abt.1730)
L William Aldwin (abt.1735)
L Mary Fuller (abt.1735)
L Hannah Vertue (abt.1739-1817)
L Peter Guillebaud (abt.1740-1821)
L Thomas Anthony Jenkenson (abt.1740)
L Ann Vertue (1742-1813)
L Elizabeth Bumsted (abt.1781)
L Henry Roberts (abt.1702)
L Benjamin Fuller (abt.1705)
L Gearing Roberts (1705-83)
L Simon Vertue (1705-42)
L Ann Roberts (abt.1708)
L Hannah Roberts (abt.1710)
L John Roberts (1711-83)
L Ann Fisher (abt.1680-1729)
L James Roberts (abt.1680-1723)