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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Claude William Guillebaud

L William Davis (1841)
L Henry Lamkin (1843)
L Amy Davis (1844-77)
L Samuel George Martin (1845)
L John Davis (1846)
L Ruth Martin (1848)
L George Davis (1849)
L Ann Susan Vertue (1849)
L Sophia Driver (1850)
L William J Bailey (1851)
L Louisa Davis (1851)
L Rebecca Martin (1851)
L George John Vertue (1851-1916)
L Richard William Hale (1852)
L George Vertue (1852)
L Elizabeth Jane Davis (1853)
L Alfred Edwards (1853)
L Edward Starr (1853)
L Sarah Ann Vertue (1853)
L Mary Ann Smith Webb (1853)
L Emily Mary Wheeler (1853-1926)
L James Davis (1854)
L Alice Vertue (1854)
L Frederick Webb (1854-1931)
L Richard Pankhurst (1855-1930)
L Mary Ann Vertue (1855)
L Susanna E Vertue (1855)
L William Bysh (1856-1933)
L Arthur Pankhurst (1856-1904)
L Rose Emily Webb (1856)
L Emma ??? (1857)
L George Charles Hale (1857)
L Sarah Ann Pankhurst (1857)
L Samuel J Vertue (1857)
L Ellen Susannah Webb (1858)
L Naomi Pankhurst (1859-1935)
L Simeon Whitaker (1859)
L Alfred Brown (1860)
L Louisa Alice Gooding (1860-93)
L William J Hale (1860)
L William Charles Vertue (1860-84)
L Alfred Robert Webb (1861-1948)
L Sarah Fidler (1862-1952)
L Sarah M Hale (1862)
L Mary Ann R Hale (1862)
L Ruth Hephzibah Pankhurst (1862)
L Andrew Robin (1862)
L Anna Vertue (1862)
L Caroline Webb (1863-1935)
L Frederick Coe (1864)
L Norah Maria Davis (1864)
L George Pankhurst (1864-1951)
L William Ernest Webb (1864-1935)
L Mary V Mayer (1865)
L Francis William Vertue (1865)
L Leila Frances Davis (1866)
L Henry Thomas Branch (1867)
L Sarah Emily Sackett (1867)
L George Webb Portway (1868-1943)
L Joseph Herbert Portway (1869)
L Minnie Prentice (1869)
L Annie Charlotte Portway (1870)
L Ethel Mary Prentice (1870)
L Jessie Wallis Sherwin (1870)
L Constance Prentice (1871)
L Ethel Sarah Sherwin (1871)
L Winnifred Mary Portway (1873)
L John Wallis Sherwin (1874)
L Ernest Brindley Sherwin (1875)
L Bertha G Portway (1876)
L Charles Vertue Sherwin (1876)
L Constance Ledger (1877-1961)
L Herbert Lloyd Sherwin (1877)
L Eliza Hannah Cook (1878)
L Robert Benson Portway (1878)
L Edward Lankester W Cook (1881)
L Charles H Portway (1882)
L Emma Harriet Outing (1884)
L Ruth Portway (1885)
L Margaret Edwards (1888)
L Harold Ernest Guillebaud (1888)
L Theodore Ogilvie Davis (1889)
L Mary Dorothea Guillebaud (1889)
L Hugh Lea Guillebaud (1890)
L Claude William Guillebaud (1890)
L Walter Henry Guillebaud (1890)
L Marie Thérése Prunner (abt.1890)
L Alice Bessie Stocks (abt.1890-1919)
L Evelyn Bertha Guillebaud (1892)
L Eric Guillebaud (1893-1915)
L Geoffrey Guillebaud (1895-1915)
L Beatrice Magdalen Peters (1897)
L Gabriel Delabera Peters (1904)
L Jacob Davis (1818)
L Edward Oliver (abt.1820)
L Elizabeth Strafford (1820)
L Hannah Vertue (1820)
L Susanna Stewart Vertue (1822)
L Charlotte Vertue (1823)
L Rebecca Chatfield (1824-56)
L James Martin (1824)
L Ann Vertue (1824)
L Richard Vertue Hale (1825-63)
L Sarah Kirby (1825)
L Henry Pankhurst (1825)
L Mary Vertue (1825-1922)
L George Vertue (1825-72)
L Frederick Webb (1825-1915)
L Catherine Chatfield (1826-61)
L John Ralph Vertue (1826)
L Elizabeth Vertue (1826)
L John Vertue (1828-61)
L Martha Chatfield (1829-94)
L William Vertue (1829)
L Ann West (1829)
L Sarah Martha Carter (1830)
L Catherine E Davis (1830)
L Ruth Chatfield (1831)
L Ellen Sarah Davis (1832)
L Susanna Vertue (1832)
L Hephzibah Chatfield (1833-95)
L Theodore Davis (1834-1909)
L Annie Ogilvie Davis (1835)
L Charles Lankester (1836-37)
L Eliza Ogilvie Davis (1837-76)
L Thomas Orlanda Mayor (1838)
L Sarah Pitcairn Webb (1838-1927)
L Maria Creeny (1839)
L Edward Henry Prentice (1839)
L Joseph Vertue Webb (1839-1908)
L Emma Guilleband Davis (1840)
L Samuel Freeman (1840-50)
L Edward Lankester Webb (1840-63)
L Jemima Marianne Davis (1841)
L George Portway (1841-1921)
L William Ralph Wallis (1841)
L Walter Byles Webb (1841-67)
L Margarett Jane Davis (1842)
L Ann Virtue Wallis (1843)
L Anne Salmon Webb (1843-1929)
L Guillebaud Francis Davis (1844)
L Mary Ellen Davis (1845)
L John Sherwin (1845-1903)
L Lucy Louisa Webb (1846)
L Emma Louisa Wallis (1847)
L Sarah Sandford Wallis (1847-84)
L George Henry Allnutt (1848-57)
L James William Cook (1848)
L Charles Henry Davis (1848)
L Octavius Antrim Webb (1849-66)
L Maria Wilson (1849)
L Edwin Cooper Wallis (1850)
L Arthur Henry Wallis (abt.1850)
L Mabel Marshall (1851-1912)
L Catherine Holman Webb (1851-52)
L Erneste Guillebaud (1856-1907)
L Sarah Helena Peters (1858-1940)
L Frederic Morton Wallis (1858)
L John Guillebaud (1859-1929)
L Emily Alice Tomlinson (1861)
L Mary Guillebaud (1863)
L Arthur Peters (1864)
L Lucy Guillebaud (1866)
L Agnes Beatrice Guilleband (1869)
L Mary Ann Roberts (1783)
L Joanna Emberson (1789)
L William Baynton (1791-1874)
L Susannah Davies (abt.1791-1851)
L Samuel Freeman (1794-1882)
L Amy Moore (abt.1795)
L Susannah Stewart Vertue (1795)
L John Ralph Vertue (1796-1844)
L Mary Ann Meares (1797)
L George Vertue (1797-1874)
L Robert Meares (1798)
L William Vertue (1798)
L Tabitha Vertue (1799-1885)
L Richard Chatfield (1800-35)
L Mary Ann Guillebaud (1800)
L Richard Hale (abt.1800)
L John Roberts (abt.1800)
L Ann Roberts (abt.1800)
L John Meares (1801)
L Edward Vertue (1801)
L Theodore Davis (1802)
L Richard Guillebaud (1802-16)
L Martha Vertue (1802)
L Eliza Guillebaud (abt.1804)
L George Hammond Meares (1804-59)
L Sarah Vertue (1804-4)
L Lea Guillebaud (1807-8)
L Peter Meares (1807-80)
L Elizabeth Meares (1809)
L Frederick Ford (abt.1810)
L Jemima Lea Guillebaud (1810-92)
L Jane Guillebaud (1810-84)
L Thomas Lankester (1810-36)
L Alexander Rippingale (abt.1810)
L Hannah Guillebaud (abt.1811-36)
L Mary Ann Guillebaud (1811-77)
L Ann Byles Vertue (1811-94)
L Mary Ann Fry (1812-88)
L Henry Meares (1812)
L Sarah Vertue (1812)
L Lankester Webb (1812)
L William Wallis (1813-92)
L Sarah Emma Guillebaud (1814-98)
L Amelia Jane Meares (1814)
L Cornelius Lea Wilson (1815-1911)
L George Stevens Allnut (1817-63)
L Henry Lea Guillebaud (1817-1900)
L Arthur Lea Wilson (1818)
L Mary Lea Allnutt (?) (abt.1820-48)
L Frances Guillebaud (1821-97)
L Jemima Allnutt (1824)
L Mary Anne Wilcocks (1825)
L Francis Wight Lea Wilson (1827)
L Ann Aldwin (abt.1760)
L John Roberts (abt.1760)
L Sarah Vertue (1764-1821)
L John Meares (abt.1765)
L John Ralph Vertue (1767)
L Elizabeth Vertue (1767)
L Mary Vertue (1768)
L George Vertue (1768-1851)
L Jacques Guillebaud (1769)
L Stephen Vertue (1769)
L Sarah Aldwin (abt.1770)
L Elizabeth Aldwin (abt.1770)
L Henry Soames (abt.1770)
L Marie Anne Guillebaud (1771)
L Susanna Critten (1772)
L Simon Vertue (1772-1860)
L William King Byles (1773-1811)
L Peter Guillebaud (1773-1867)
L Ann Salmon (1773-1852)
L Mary Pritchett Lea (1774)
L Simeon Byles (1775)
L William Vertue (1775)
L Daniel Vertue (1775)
L Dorcas Wheeler (abt.1775)
L Stephen Wilson (abt.1775)
L Elizabeth Anna Lea (1776)
L Mary Byles (1777)
L Edward Byles (1778)
L Sarah Lea (1778-1856)
L William Vertue (1778)
L George Byles (1780)
L Thomas Byles (1781)
L Hannah Vertue Byles (1782)
L Hannah Pritchett Lea (1782)
L Ann Cole (1783-1852)
L Jacob Sizer (1783-1837)
L Maria Byles (1784)
L Henry Allnutt (abt.1785)
L Robert Byles (1787)
L Thomas Delabere Lea (1787-88)
L Ann Byles (1789)
L Mary Ann Lea (1789-1834)
L Jemima Lea (1792-1865)
L Samuel Wilson (1792-1881)
L John Fuller (abt.1730)
L Sarah Ralph (1733-1811)
L William Aldwin (abt.1735)
L Mary Fuller (abt.1735)
L John Stuart (abt.1735)
L Hannah Vertue (1736-1826)
L John Vertue (1736)
L Esther Vertue (1736)
L William Byles (1737-1802)
L Hannah Vertue (abt.1739-1817)
L Peter Guillebaud (abt.1740-1821)
L Thomas Anthony Jenkenson (abt.1740)
L George Vertue (1741-68)
L Ann Vertue (1742-1813)
L Abigail Vertue (1742)
L Mary ??? (abt.1745)
L Mary Vertue (1746)
L Richard Lea (1747-1828)
L Mary Pritchett (abt.1753)
L Elizabeth Bumsted (abt.1781)
L Henry Roberts (abt.1702)
L Abigail Vertue (1704)
L Benjamin Fuller (abt.1705)
L Gearing Roberts (1705-83)
L Simon Vertue (1705-42)
L John Vertue (1707-46)
L Ann Roberts (abt.1708)
L Hannah Roberts (abt.1710)
L Esther Wainwright ? (abt.1710)
L John Roberts (1711-83)
L Thomas Lea (1714-58)
L Christopher Jeaffreson (1669)
L John Jeaffreson (1671-1747)
L Simon Jeaffreson (1675)
L Benjamin Jeaffreson (1677-1769)
L Ann Fisher (abt.1680-1729)
L James Roberts (abt.1680-1723)
L Simon Vertue (1681-1711)
L Abigail ??? (1682)
L Elizabeth Vertue (1683-1740)
L George Vertue (1684)
L Mary Vertue (1685)
L Benjamin Vertue (1687-87)
L Samuel Vertue (1688-1772)
L Abigail Vertue (1689-90)
L Grace Vertue (1691)
L George Vertue (1644-52)
L Samuel Jeaffreson (1646-93)
L Thomas Vertue (1646)
L Mary Vertue (1648)
L Simon Vertue (1650-94)
L George Vertue (1652)
L Elizabeth Vertue (1654)
L Grace Vertue (1656)
L Benjamin Vertue (1658-80)
L Abigail ??? (abt.1659)
L Martha Vertue (1660)
L George Vertue (1663)
L Mary ??? (1620-87)
L George Vertue (1620-79)
L Francis Vertue (abt.1621)
L William Vertue (abt.1621)
L Simon Vertue (1623-28)
L Francis ??? (abt.1590)
L George Vertue (abt.1590)