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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around James Henry Higgins

L John Henry Jenkins (1817)
L Charles Salmon (1827-1915)
L Henry James Paine (1832)
L Charles Harwood (1836)
L Sarah Eliza Harman (1838)
L Charles Henry Harman (1839-1904)
L Mary Emma Harman (1841-79)
L John Howson (1842-1908)
L George Edward Harman (1843)
L Lois Rachel Noyes (1843)
L Elizabeth Reeves Noyes (1844)
L William Harman (1845-76)
L Thomas Bearman (1846-1921)
L Eliza Eunice Noyes (1846-88)
L Leah Sandell (1846-46)
L Leah Sandell (1846-46)
L Robert John Farmer (1847)
L Thomas James Harman (1847-59)
L Mary A Page (1847)
L Mary A Reeves (1847)
L Elizabeth Sandell (1847-1902)
L Elizabeth Davis Harman (1849)
L Hadajsah Sandell (1849-1935)
L Mary Eliza Higgins (1850)
L John Messenger Jones (1850)
L Frances Noyes (1850)
L Joseph William Higgins (1851)
L William Reeves Noyes (1851)
L Keturah Sandell (1851-1930)
L Ann Elizabeth Yeates (1851-1901)
L David Albert Harman (1852)
L John Jenkins (1852)
L Jane Maybank (1852)
L Amelia Yeates (1852-1902)
L John Maddicott Holmes (1853)
L James Davis Noyes (1853-1943)
L Charles Sandell (1853-1932)
L George Beale (1854)
L James Henry Higgins (1854)
L Edith Maria Dover (1855)
L Edith Emma Mann (1855-1939)
L Rhoda Sandell (1855-1943)
L John Beale (1856)
L James Edward Davis (1856)
L Hannah Maria Harman (1856)
L Augustus Salmon (1856-1933)
L Robert Beale (1857)
L Frank Higgins (1857)
L Ann Brooks (1858)
L Laura Emily Harman (1858)
L John Edward Sandell (1858-1907)
L Elizabeth Davis (1859)
L Isaac Davis (1859)
L William J Long (1859)
L James Albert Sandell (1860-1941)
L Edwin F Davis (1861)
L Harry Davis (1861)
L Sarah Ann Woodrow (1861)
L Thomas Coles (abt.1862)
L Kezia Sandell (1862-1948)
L Martha Davis (1863)
L Clara Sandell (1863-1952)
L Francis Davis (1864)
L John S Tagg (1864)
L Mary Davis (1865)
L Ada Matilda Symonds (1866)
L Albert Edward Davis (1867)
L George Thomas Savings (1869)
L Frederick William Savings (1870)
L Richard C Capel (1872)
L Fanny Sarah Savings (1872)
L Kate Savings (1873)
L Edward Savings (1875)
L Earnest Hubert Savings (1878)
L Charles Harman (1790-1863)
L Joseph Huckwell (1810-72)
L Joseph Pagett Sandell (1812-66)
L David Davies (1814)
L Ruth Davis (1815-75)
L Jane Luckett (1817)
L Mary Orchard (1817)
L Eliza Davis (1818)
L George Evans (abt.1818)
L Wlliam Noyes (abt.1818-52)
L Henry Woodward (abt.1818)
L Rachel Davis (1820)
L Abraham Davis (1822-89)
L William Higgins (1822)
L Leah Davis (1824-1900)
L Esther Davis (1827)
L George William Beale (1828-1904)
L Edward Davis (1828-98)
L Charles Brooks (1829)
L Hepzibah Davis (1831)
L Isaac Davis (1831-66)
L Lois Mary Davis (1833-77)
L Sarah Farley (1836)
L Philip Capel (abt.1845)
L George Savings (1849)
L Margaret Ramsey (1851)
L Richard Davis (1784-1833)
L Mary Morse (1785-1860)
L Sophia Davis (1786)
L John Oakley (1786)
L Thomas Davis (1788)
L Hannah Oakley (1789)
L John Davis (1790)
L Elizabeth Oakley (1792)
L James Davis (1793-1861)
L Miriam Davis (1794)
L William Oakley (1794)
L Charles Davis (1798)
L Mary Oakley (1798)
L Hanna Davis (1800)
L Mary Davis (1744)
L Betty Davis (1746)
L Thomas Davis (1748)
L Ann Davis (1750)
L Sarah Davis (1752)
L William Davis (1754)
L Joseph Davis (1756)
L William Oakley (1756)
L Martha Davis (1758)
L Ann Oakley (1758-58)
L John Oakley (1759)
L Susanna Davis (1760)
L Hannah Knife (1761)
L John Davis (1762)
L Hannah Oakley (1762-64)
L Jane Davis (1765)
L Ruth Sillard (abt.1765)
L Miriam Davis (1767)
L Thomas Oakley (1769)
L Edward Oakley (1772)
L William Davis (1715)
L Mary Davis (1718)
L Thomas Davis (1720)
L Sarah Davis (1723)
L Elizabeth Morse (1724)
L Jane Davis (1726)
L Benjamin Davis (1729)
L Catherine Kendall (abt.1730)
L Henry Oakley (abt.1730)
L Sarah Davis (1733)
L Joseph Davis (1736)
L Mary Lockley (1689)
L Thomas Davis (1690)
L John Davis (1692)
L Jane Davis (1696)
L Mary Davis (1699)
L Anthony Davis (1701)
L Jane Rixon (1660)
L Thomas Davis (1667)
L John Rixon (abt.1630)