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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to validate data, it should not be taken as fact - evidence is sometimes slim, resulting in some ‘educated guesses’. Where possible I include evidence in the form of scanned documents or transcripts. Where not stated, it is often taken from widely used sources such as freebmd or familysearch - and of course some evidence is from family members.


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Tree based around Elizabeth Mary Higgins

L Charles Noyes Salmon (1863-92)
L Harry Mitchell (abt.1865)
L Louisa Bloomfield (1866)
L Edmund Salmon (1866)
L Frank Clements (1868)
L William Noyes Salmon (1868)
L Jessie Todd (1868)
L Elizabeth Chiswell (1870)
L Eunice Eliza Jenkins (1870)
L William Henry Batten (1871)
L Louisa Adams (1872-1952)
L Elizabeth Harman (1872)
L Lois Noyes Salmon (1872)
L Harriett Matilda Jenkins (1873)
L James William Noyes (1873-1960)
L Joseph Lacey (1874)
L Amelia Grace Noyes (1874)
L Lily Harman (1875)
L Charles Alfred Higgins (1875)
L John Henry Jenkins (1875)
L Florence May Noyes (1875)
L Sidney Albert Noyes (1875-76)
L Alfred Noyes Salmon (1875)
L Elizabeth Mary Higgins (1877)
L William Charles Jenkins (1877)
L Lilian Rosina Noyes (1877)
L Herbert John Noyes (1877-1963)
L Ann Salmon (1877)
L Harriet Scotton (1877)
L Rosa Harman (1878)
L Charles Bertram Jones (1878)
L Ann Elizabeth Noyes (1878-1961)
L George Augustus Salmon (1878)
L Rachel Jenkins (1879)
L Mary Ann Diana Noyes (1879)
L Arthur Henry Noyes (1879-1947)
L Henry Harman (1880)
L Ann Jane Higgins (1880-80)
L Edgar Nelson (abt.1880-1969)
L Charles Oliver (1880)
L Robert Pendlebury (abt.1880-1945)
L Augustus Salmon (1880)
L Lydia Ada Breeze (1881-1939)
L Mary Ann Carter (1881)
L Elizabeth Davis (1881-1958)
L Florence May Higgins (1881)
L William Albert Noyes (1881)
L Eleanor Rayner (1881-1980)
L Arthur Ernest Norridge (1882)
L Florence Salmon (1882-1962)
L Arthur Reuben Jenkins (1883)
L Ernest George Noyes (1883-1978)
L Joseph John Lloyd (1884)
L Frederick Noyes (1884-85)
L Ethel Noyes (1884-1974)
L Arthur Noyes Salmon (1884-1977)
L Margaret Crutchlow (1885)
L Henry James Higgins (1885-1959)
L May Violet Jenkins (1885)
L Ada Newman (1885-1917)
L Sidney Salmon (1885)
L Annie Noyes Salmon (1886)
L Maud Salmon (abt.1887)
L Alice May Canfield (1888)
L Ethel Mary Frances Herbet (1888)
L Isabel Jenkins (1888)
L Alfred Percy Noyes (1888)
L Albert Stanley Wodhams (1889)
L Daisy Maud Noyes (1890)
L Amy Salmon (1890)
L Violet Lilian Noyes (1892)
L Albert Salmon (1892)
L John William Cook (1893)
L Dickson Salmon (1896)
L John Henry Jenkins (1817)
L Charles Salmon (1827-1915)
L Elizabeth Noyes (1838-41)
L Charles Henry Harman (1839-1904)
L Mary Ann Noyes (1839-41)
L Eliza Noyes (1841-54)
L Lois Rachel Noyes (1843)
L Elizabeth Reeves Noyes (1844)
L Alfred Higgins (1845-1932)
L Ann Sarah Noyes (1845)
L Eliza Eunice Noyes (1846-88)
L Elizabeth Noyes (1847-1926)
L Mary A Reeves (1847)
L William Noyes (1850-52)
L Frances Noyes (1850)
L William Reeves Noyes (1851)
L Ann Elizabeth Yeates (1851-1901)
L John Jenkins (1852)
L Amelia Yeates (1852-1902)
L James Davis Noyes (1853-1943)
L Augustus Salmon (1856-1933)
L Ann Brooks (1858)
L John Noyes (1816-51)
L Mary Ann Tagg (1816)
L Wlliam Noyes (abt.1818-52)
L Rachel Davis (1820)
L Charles Brooks (1829)
L William Noyes (abt.1789)
L Elizabeth Reeves (abt.1791)